Welcome to the mind of Jessica Buckland.

“Your voice is worthwhile. Have faith in it.”- John Lasseter

My world is filled with stories, adventures, transitions, and amazing people. The truth is, I have long felt that I have something to say. Communication, conversation, and oftentimes, over sharing, have been my strong suit for many decades.

The truth is, my statement of purpose, is to be the ultimate version of myself while calling out greatness and putting courage into others to live their highest and best.

I am a 9 time Full Marathon finisher (currently training for numbers 10 and 11 in 2017), with a PR of 4:10:58 at the Cleveland Marathon in 2016, and a 7 time Half Marathon finisher with a Half PR of 1:58:15 in 2013. I haven’t run a Half Marathon since, and I know I could totally beast that time if I wasn’t running millions of miles training for full marathons like a crazy person.

I have clocked some speedy 5K’s, 5 milers, and 10K’s on the journey, as I link up with community charity races and other events. But, you didn’t come here just for the fitness. The internet is saturated with healthy living and running blogs. There are beautiful men and women of all shapes and sizes hustling daily and taking no prisoners, and the truth is, most of them are way faster than me.

What I do bring to the table is a story. A life filled with transformations and new beginnings. A life that is overflowing with the single goal of being all that God has created me to be and living out my purpose.

My current professional resume includes my roles as co-founder and current member of the Pastoral team at the Bridge Church in Westlake, Ohio (Greater Cleveland) (yourbridgechurch.com) and the student advisor of the Women in Transition Program at Cuyahoga Community College, a program which seeks to empower and equip women through transitional seasons and provide career, educational, and emotional readiness to discover and live out their purpose.

Resume’s are necessary, but not that exciting though, so I want you to know me. Buckle in and explore mind, body, and spirit concepts with me on this journey. You never know what we will discover together.

You are the hero of your own life and story and I just want to give you some anecdotes, tips, thoughts, inspirations, and encouragement to be your highest and best.




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