I have a cousin, Nathan Trzcinski, who is an accomplished musician. He and his former band have had all kinds of official meetings with top record industry producers in Nashville, Tennessee. He said that he learned several things in his foray into Contemporary Christian Music. When in this industry, you have to have a minimum number of JPM’s for the song to be labeled accurately as Christan. I asked him what JPM’s were and discovered that they are “Jesus per Minutes”. In an attempt to separate themselves from the rest of the recording industry, they have decided to put limits and labels on music.
It got me to thinking about my own life. Life is arranged into movements just like a symphony. It is ever changing. We can either move with the music of life, or stay at the previous movement and be out of key and out of tempo with the rest of the orchestra. Does the music of my life have enough JPM’s, or am I too immersed in the daily routine to recognize and give “lip service” to the savior. Do I focus too much on a “social” gospel? Do my attempts to be a “good” person over-shadow my praise to Jesus? Do I pray without ceasing and live a life of worship, or am I just a Sunday morning only praiser?
Think about this concept today and be sure to have enough JPM’s for the world to recognize that you are a true christian.


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