Update on our Life

This is just a check in for those that really don’t want a daily dose of Jessica’s spiritual ramblings but just want to keep up on us. We are currently in the West Virginia district and will be leaving here for the good old Buckeye State. The sad thing is that we may not be back in Ohio and this area for a significant amount of time once we are done with our deputation travels here. Gentry is clapping his hands, saying Dada 5 million times a day, blowing raspberries, and just generally being all around adorable. Reese is, as always, rambunctious and intelligent. He keeps us all in line and entertains Gentry. I will hopefully be posting more pictures of our family and our travels at our website sometime in the near future. I’ve got lots of them but it takes forever to upload them if I don’t have them put on a disk. We will do that soon, hopefully.

We finally have this trucking thing down and we have learned to live with all of our new found friends, the RV insects. Although we have sprayed continuously for ants and other various bugs, it is apparent that since we are basically living in a box, we are a haven and easy port for Gods most glorious of creatures =) I woke up with a kiss the other day and it wasn’t my husband. It was my new man, the lightening bug. Of course all of our misadventures will probably not be over until we finally sell the 5th wheel and get a normal house. Until then, I’ll enjoy the laughs as they come and not worry about things out of my control.

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