Another Day in the Life………..

Here is another check up on the Buckland journey. We are currently parked in Troy, Michigan and we will be in the Michigan district for 2 weeks before we head to Indiana. Our schedule will be somewhat crazy while here. Unfortunately, my husbands grandfather, a Pastor in the Chicago area, passed away from a long battle with cancer yesterday. Due to this, we will be headed to Chicago at some point in the very near future for the funeral and to be with family. Keep all of the Buckland’s in your prayers. We pulled out of Ohio yesterday and we will not be back for a very long time. We are headed to infinity and beyond for now.

Our life has been an insane roller coaster these past couple of days. All of the men in my home have been passing each other some sort of illness. It began with the midnight vomiting adventure that Reese started on Tuesday night. He had 2 colossal throwing up occurrences. While this is somewhat normal for moms of small children, most women have access to a washing machine. I had to strip Reese’s bed and clothes TWICE and give him a bath TWICE in the middle of the night. I hadn’t even gone to bed yet. Jonathan was outside with a super powered garden hose to rinse off all the residue and I proceeded to wash pillows, bedding, and clothes in my bath tub. I didn’t realize how powerful the spin cycle in a washer was until I tried to ring out all the excess water myself with heavy pillows and blankets.

Wednesday night, after church, poor Reese was hit again. This time with diarrhea. This occurred in the church building, in his church pants, and proceeded unto one of the church’s benches. The pastors wife went to a neighboring house to get him some clean clothes. Wow, how embarrassing!

To make matters worse, last night both Jonathan and Gentry began some throwing up episodes. I am moments away from going to the laundry mat. I learned from the first night that I can’t realistically wash heavy clothes in the bath tub. I cleaned them to the best of my ability so that they won’t stink forever.

Hopefully, this blog wasn’t too graphic or disgusting. I also don’t want it to be embarrassing for my family. However, to fully understand the truth of my life, you must know!! In the midst of all this, Grandfather Hilderbrand passed away, and we blew a fuse in our trailer. One thing I have learned in the midst of this all is that I am still blessed far and above a majority of people. I have determined that I will give thanks daily for living in a travel trailer. 32 feet of space with 2 small children and a husband is a blessing far and above what many people have. I still have heat, air conditioning, running water, a roof, and a toilet. Nothing spells christian like someone that can wash vomit out of sheets by hand at 2am and still be thankful =)

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