New Beginnings

Yesterday Gentry finally got his first official tooth! He has been teething for a seemingly endless period of time. He got his breakthrough. It is a bottom front tooth. It was barely poking out yesterday and today it is big and shiny and visible for all to see. I guess the endless screaming, moodiness, and diarhea are all explained. He is 9 and 1/2 months, so it is time for his pearly whites to shine through. Everyone is doing well. We are back in Michigan on deputation now again. If you get a minute say a prayer for my sister in law. Shortly after Grandpa Hilderbrand’s funeral, she got a call on her phone that her 56 year old aunt passed away in a surgery with a 98 % chance of survival. Needless to say, the family was not prepared for that loss. She and Matthew Buckland drove late into the night following the funeral to be with her family during this tragic time.
We will be in Indiana in a couple of weeks and we will also be driving to North Carolina for General Conference. Crazy times!

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