Where do you Live?

In our global society, it is possible to meet people who live in one city and yet work in another. Oftentimes these are not people with just your average daily 35 minute commute. It is not uncommon to find someone that lives in New York City and works for a Los Angeles based company. With websites like gotomeeting.com, teleconferencing, face book groups and networking, and video technology, we are not bound by time, space, and location in the way that we were even as recently as the 20th century. This fast paced, frantic society has all but overtaken our American culture. Very few cities seem unfazed by Wi-Fi internet, global networking, and the harsh demands that instant access has put on us.

The ironic thing about the reality of 21st century living is that many people were concerned that the technology explosion would leave us bored, empty, and unemployed. We feared that robots would replace man and that the abundance of free time created by technology would leave us depressed. Sadly, we have found ourselves depressed and empty, but very few of us are bored. Technology hasn’t removed chores off our lists, it is has multiplied them to an exponential degree. Not only do we face all of the other chores shared by the generations of yesteryear, but we are bombarded with texts, emails, website updating, blogging, and social networking responsibilities. It is extremely rare to see a group of people sharing a meal and a coffee where at least 75% of the table isn’t engaged in some form of text messaging, e-mailing, and cell phone use during the meal.

Our social lives have never seen a day of so much opportunity, and yet our souls and friendships are suffering and lonely. The dichotomy of the 21stcentury life is unparalleled. The biggest factor to suffer in our lives is usually our relationship with God. We used to say “just call him up and tell him what you want.” This phrase is foreign in our day. We can’t text message God, IM him, or link up to him on face book. Our 21stcentury inability to communicate has left us empty spiritually. How often do you actually call a friend for a long chat? Our friendships have been reduced to3 line texts and internet commentary.

The bible is filled with examples of believers sitting for a long, refreshing time of prayer and devotion with God. My challenge today is to put away the trappings of 21st century living and actually take time to breathe in the sweet savor of meditation with God. We found the disciple John laying his head on the chest of Jesus. He was in a full embrace. We find that Isaac dwelt by the well of refreshment. We find Adam and Eve taking long walks of devotion and friendship with God. The only true fulfillment and strength comes from old fashioned interaction and dedication to God. Acts 3:19 tells us that our only true times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord.

The question remains, where do you live? Will you chose to live complacency in the empty frantic lifestyles of the 21st century human, or do you choose to drink from the wells of divine interaction and peace? Take a commute from the responsibilities of life and drive to the “rest wherein the weary shall find rest”.

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