Friday Thought Flights

Don’t even get me started on Angry Birds stories and Anecdotes. You’ll be reading for days.

I love being a mom. Sure, there are things about it that are daunting, annoying, and down right irritating, but the laughter, love, and supreme feeling of accomplishment that I get from my role as mom can’t be found anywhere else. So, in keeping with the spirit of motherhood, you will have to endure anecdotes about my 6 year old son Reese and 4 year old son Gentry. Over the course of the day today two random things stood out to me:

1) I hate cutting tiny fingernails and toenails. This has always been one of my least favorite “chores” of motherhood. As bizarre as it sounds, I disliked this task more than changing diapers when they were infants. I had a complete fear of slicing open their delicate skin or trimming their nails painfully short and I could never get them to lay still or position their appendages in a direction that provided ease. Thankfully, the shrieks of terror, all out wrestling matches, and 8 hour trim sessions are a thing of the past. However, we still get to enjoy extreme bouts of drama every time the clippers come out. Gentry thinks I’m going to cut his toes off and yells at me not to touch the little ones. (I eventually get in there and get them all safely and effectively trimmed) And, Reese shuts his eyes, delicately spasms his body, and moans as if I’m extracting his nerve fibers one by one, even before my hands have gotten near his feet. The fact that I used to have to get Jonathan to sit on Reese for me to cut his fingernails and toenails is no joke. Cutting Reese’s nails and toenails used to be a full aerobic workout for me complete with sweat soaked clothing. It got so dysfunctional at one point, that while I was still working at a job outside of my home, I used to strategically not cut his nails so that his babysitter would do it. She was a patient woman. She probably had horrible thoughts about the type of neglectful mother I was because Reese would occasionally show up at her house with talons on his feet and hands. Now that I’m blessed to have my office at home, no babysitter is around to bail me out. Today went somewhat smoothly in the trimming department though, and they both were rewarded with a pack of fruit snacks. This brings up another horrible parenting strategy of rewarding  your kids with food and bringing emotion into the eating process, but, sigh, you can’t be perfect all of the time. Someday they’ll have to explain to their therapist why stressful situations with positive endings induce sugar cravings đŸ™‚

2) What you say and what is heard are rarely the same with children. This category will be explored at length with many musings, but my anecdote from this fact of life for today is humorous. Gentry loves the Wii he and Reese got for Christmas. In fact, while I was working on budgets and finances for our church all day, Gentry was glued to the Wii after pre-school. When Reese got home he kept saying, “Reese I got the goose. I got the goose.” Finally Reese said “What goose are you talking about?” Gentry said, “You know. The one on Wii Sports Resort.” Reese said “G, there is no goose.” Gentry said “Yes there is. You know, the duck on the basketball game”. Jonathan stepped in after this banter had continued for quite sometime and said, “you mean you dunked the basketball.” “Yeah” Gentry said. “I guess it was a dunk and not a goose or duck.” I laughed out loud for a while on that one. Kids come up with the craziest things. I love it.


One thought on “Friday Thought Flights”

  1. I won't lie, I totally sit my kids in front of Netflix to clip their nails. I do it straight out of the bathtub while they are "drying off" still wrapped in the towel, and their other swinging limbs are rather trapped.

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