Own up to It

Some people drift through their entire life. They do it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. It happens so gradually they are unaware of how their lives are slipping away until it’s too late.

Mary Kay Ash


Knowing that most New Years Resolutions are over by Valentines, I figured now that not only Valentine’s is gone, but St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, it was time to put my year and my rear back in gear: Game on! See, I haven’t strayed from the major boundaries of my 2012 resolutions, but it’s a few small things that I promised myself would change that have slipped. Often, it’s the small holes in a boat that cause it to capsize, not always the major storms that hit. I have a print out by my computer and a list in my phone that highlight my goals and resolutions for 2012. I know that in order to achieve goals, you must revisit them daily, and oftentimes, several times throughout the course of any day. The resolution that I have slipped on the most is my BLOG, as if I have to inform you of that. I’m borderline humiliated to see that my last post was in February. I must have caused extreme duress for all 1.25 fans out there that follow what I have to say not hearing from me for so long 🙂 It’s time for me to quit drifting in this area of my life and have a comeback.

This blog is important to me for many reasons:

1) I have been on a journey and am still traveling that journey and feel like my experiences and honesty can help you in your quest to get fit, stay healthy, and whip yourself into shape.
2) The blog helps hold me accountable to my health and fitness goals. Thankfully, my #runstreak twitter feed and countless running friends on twitter have held me accountable when I was slacking on my blog.
3) The blog causes me to think through situations in life and think of stories and scenarios for everything. In essence, the blog makes life even more fun and interesting. Life is just one great story to be lived out, and the blog helps me see the plot highs, lows, resolutions, and sequels.
4) I love to write. I identify myself as a writer. I am going to write something great one day and the way to be identified as an author and as a writer, is just simply to put words down and slowly build an audience. Truth be told though, even if no one reads or likes what I say, the fact I said it makes me a writer.
5) I get great pleasure in relaying pertinent information to people and drawing people together toward common ground. When I share my experiences in cyber space, I’m making myself available to people as an information resource and friend.

This list could go on forever, but the main goal of this post is to own up to the fact that I haven’t been faithful and consistent in my blog, and therefore, I haven’t been faithful to myself. Sure, I have lots and lots of very valid excuses for why I haven’t been on here. They are all legitimate and genuine, but great people do not build their lives on excuses, even the most well-founded life altering excuses. Even the Bible tells us that the race isn’t for the swift, but for those that endure. The prize is given to those that don’t make excuses, but keep producing and moving forward.

In closing, let this confession be a reminder to you to get back on track in 2012. We are only 1/3 of the way through. Picture the person you want to be on January 1, 2013 and start working on that person today. You still have 2/3 of a year left to do it. I’m happy to report that with the exception of the blog, my 2012 resolutions are progressing quite nicely. God is proving my scripture of the year that he gave to me, Romans 3:4 “Let God be true and every man a liar.” He has moved in amazing ways in my life and the life of the Bridge Church. I have continued my #runstreak and I am focusing on communicating, challenging myself and others, and connecting. Most of all, I am growing as an individual and growth is my word and theme of the year. Even dropping the blog portion of my communication resolution has helped me grow. Go get what you want out of 2012………………..NOW, NO EXCUSES!


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