Third times a charm


Crossed the line at 1:58:15, a strong sub 2 hour half marathon…the holy grail of casual runners.

(As a side note, I rocked a ponytail during the race and did not look this ugly or psychotic the entire morning. Race day photos are well known for showing your inner crazy.)

You are looking at a girl who PR’d yet again at a race. In my 3rd running of the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus, Ohio, I shaved 43 seconds off of my best Half Marathon race time to date. I was initially hoping to get an even better finish time, but life crept in and my speed work was less than award winning, but who in the world is complaining?!!! PR baby. I’ve got 6 Half Marathons under my belt, a second full marathon scheduled for the fall, and a mind, body, spirit charged with endorphins.

Do you think distance runners are crazy?
What charges your mind, body, and spirit?


3 thoughts on “Third times a charm”

  1. Yes, we are totally crazy! Running mile after mile in rain, sleet or snow…we’re crazier the USPS, probably more efficient too.

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