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Hail Mary, full of grace……Again!

Seeding and Leading (Set up at the Bridge Church)

As you can see, it’s been a full year since I’ve “wo-manned” my blog. I have started and stopped blogging consistently on several occasions, but I have  said my obligatory “Hail Mary’s”, I am confessing to you now, and on your part, it is time for the grace to flow, yet again.  I have always valued and enjoyed writing, and I am a prolific reader of numerous blogs. I just can’t in good conscience let the world exist without the deep insights that I have to share with it.

You can read some details in the “About” section, but in summary, my life consists of these components:


In the vast resources of my brain, I will share with you all of these segments of my life. Here is my solemn, sacred vow:

1) I will blog consistently (In fact, I pledge to fall into a blog routine and a predictable schedule/habit of blogging that you can follow even if you aren’t on amphetamines. This schedule is going to organically take route and I will keep you informed of it once the voices tell me to.)

2) I will talk about running

3) I will talk about eating

4) I will talk about my family

5) I will talk about people

6) I will talk about God

7) I will talk about leadership

8) I will talk about health

9) I will vigilantly and adamantly contend for the fact that YOU/I are/am Mind, Soul, and Body and NONE of these items operate independently.

10) I will NEVER post pictures about cats with a caption stating affection or in any way claiming they are lovable/cute

I transported in all of my old posts from my old blog. If you are bored, scared, fighting insomnia, intrigued, or otherwise have no life, please feel free to scroll through these blogs and comment on them. You will find evidence of my on again/off again relationship with blogging and my need for public confession about it.

What about you………………..

Have you ever loved something but had trouble staying consistent with it?

Do you have an affinity to post pictures about cats and how adorable you think they are?


"The Preacher’s Wife" Commentary

 “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly” Colossians 3:16

There can never be any real opposition between religion and science, for the one is the complement of the other. -Nobel physicist Max Planck 
You can trust the Bible.
 The exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the divine.–MIT physicist Vera 
 You can trust the Word of God

Due to the fact that the Monday Morning commentary hardly ever actually happens on Monday, I have decided to rename the series, “The Preacher’s Wife” Commentary. The Spirit and purpose of the commentaries will be to share with my blog readers, and thereby journal and remember for myself, my personal synopsis and summary of the things God is doing at the Bridge Church and give a brief overview of my thoughts on the sermon and sermon series. Of course, I am my husband’s (The Lead Pastor of the Bridge Church) biggest cheerleader, so don’t expect to find my commentaries containing any potshots at the choice of sermons or sermon series. I know from first hand experience the hours of prayer and fasting and studying that go into every decision that is made, so I can rest confidently not only as his wife, but first and foremost as a member and servant of The Bridge Church, that our Pastor hears from God. Will everything that happens always be perfect? Absolutely not, but you can rest assured that motives, hearts, and intentions are pure. That is why I love the Bridge Church. It exists to reach those far from God and those who have never known God to bring them into a thriving relationship with Christ and  equip them for service in the kingdom. I am so blessed to be a part of a church that has the great commission as it’s primary mission. Hopefully these commentaries will happen on a weekly basis, however, realistically there will be times when they get buried under a pile of other duties. Regardless though, know that the “Amen” corner and cheer leading section of the Bridge (comprised of me being the captain) is always there to encourage the Pastor and my fellow friends in Christ.

This past Sunday was sermon number 2 in our “40 Days in the Word Series”. This series has been an amazing way to drive all of us into the Word of God, not just for information, but for transformation. Our Pastor has said he feels like our church is going to grow, God is going to perform miracles in every life, and every person that participates is going to reach new levels in God through this campaign. You literally can’t go wrong in your life by adding a daily devotional. So far, there have already been reports of miracles. We have 9 different “DevoGroups” or Devotional Small Groups going during the mid-week where people are coming together to learn how to study the Bible, live on purpose, and put the Word of God into practice. Our church is experimenting with a devotional blog right now to become an asset after this sermon series is over. A church that Loves the Word, Learns the Word, and Lives the Word will be a blessed, growing, thriving epicenter for the glory of Jesus Christ. Sermon 1 was “Building your Life on the Bible” and this past week was “Why can I trust the Bible”.

In a day and age with so many people who don’t believe in God, or who aren’t sure about God, you have to have a reason why you can trust the Bible. It is no longer to be assumed that those raised in American culture have adopted the Bible as a guide. It used to be that everyone believed in God and the Bible even if they didn’t practice it. Today, however, there is little cultural Biblical foundation and, in fact, there are many that proclaim to be Christians that aren’t even sure they can trust the Bible. If they do believe the Bible, they don’t read it or apply it very often. (This makes for an interesting phenomenon known as the “Christian Atheist”- Those that profess there is a God, but live as if there is no God)

Psalm 119:86 tells us “All of your commands can be trusted” (NCV)
2 Timothy 3:16 tells us “All scripture is God-breathed”

Ultimately, you can trust the Bible because it is the Word of God and God is true, but, there are reasons beyond faith and belief in God why you can trust the Bible.

1) It is Historically Accurate- Archeology always confirms the Bible eventually and the Scriptures have been copied with extreme care. Most of the Bible is from eyewitness accounts.

2) It is Scientifically Accurate- The Bible wasn’t given to be a textbook, doesn’t use scientific language, and in fact is always ahead of contemporary views historically. The Bible never gives bad science.

J.Kepler (astronomer) “Science is thinking God’s thoughts after him”

3) It is prophetically accurate- The bible has predicted 1,000’s of events that happened just as God said.

4) It is thematically unified- Out of 66 books by 40 different authors over a period of 1,600 years in over a dozen countries on 3 different continents in at least 3 different languages by people from all walks of life, comes one unified message. The Bible makes one book with one main story without contradiction that has survived centuries of attacks.

5) The Bible is confirmed by Jesus- Matthew 5:18

6) The Bible has survived all attacks- The most despised, derided, denied, disputed, dissected, debated, outlawed and destroyed, bestselling book ever!

7) It has transforming power- Nothing can change your life like the Bible (Romans 12:2) (John 8:31-8:32)

You can believe the Bible.

So, this Sunday, you will see me in the “Amen” corner cheering on our Pastor because I know that he uses the Bible as the guide and basis of all he does. You can quote me on that. I am loving this series. Nothing refreshes my soul like spending time in the Word of God.

John 1:1 and John 1:14 are my two favorite scriptures about the Word of God.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth.

Give Me Faith


Give Me Faith-Elevation Worship

I need you to soften my heart
To break me apart
I need you to open my eyes
To see that You’re shaping my life

All I am, I surrender

Give me faith to trust what you say
 That you’re good and your love is great 
I’m broken inside, I give you my life

Verse 2:
I need you to soften my heart
To break me apart
I need you pierce through the dark 
And cleanse every part of me

I may be weakYour spirit strong in meMy flesh may failMy God you never will (repeat)

This week the Bridge Church Band will be doing a new song called “Give me Faith”. This song has literally been circulating through my head, heart, and spirit since the moment I heard it. The chorus and the Bridge are both catchy, and not in a showmanship kind of way. They are not catchy necessarily because of the beats, but because they speak into the places that everyone of us have been. I went to a funeral this week of an amazing man of God that impacted so many lives. His name was Pastor Robert Trapani and one of the main quotes I kept hearing people speak about him was a line from a sermon that he used often during counseling sessions, “Life is not fair, but our God is just.” Listening to those words just further stirred up in my Spirit the meaning of this song.

We can not see what God is doing from His vantage point. Not only are His ways infinitely higher than our ways and His thoughts enormously broader than our thoughts, but He has the advantage of seeing the full picture. He is the “I Am”. Before there was Moses, there was God. He has existed for all of eternity, and therefore has a view that we can’t comprehend. Trust is so hard sometimes, but resting in the knowledge of His all encompassing love and justice gives us hope. My hope is in the name of the Lord where my help comes from. Just like someone in an airplane has a view of our city and the advantage of seeing the planning and layout strategically engineered by teams of people that we can’t see while in a traffic jam, at some point, we trust that the highway we are on, even in bumper to bumper traffic, will lead us home. We know that some sort of city planning committee knew in advance that these jams would occur and planned for them accordingly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t place a huge amount of trust in the efficiency of highway systems all the time, but I do have hope and confidence that I can get from point A to point B anywhere in the United States of America because someone was there before me and planned the route in advance to accommodate my vehicle and a large amount of traffic. If I can place hope and faith in a political system to help direct my vehicle to get where it is going, I surely can trust God to be the engineer, driver, and architect of my life. I may get in some traffic jams a long the way. I may get in some head on collisions, but I have hope, faith, and trust that God will guide me where I’m supposed to go. 

My prayer for you today is the same prayer I have for the Bridge Church Worship experience tomorrow and the same prayer I’ve been sending up over my own life and the life of those in my community and church and that is that  we can all get a transfusion of faith in our lives. We need to be honest with ourselves and others when faith is waning. God isn’t fooled. He created us and knows the limitations of our finite mind and human nature. My prayer over my family is that God will give us a spiritual faith transfusion every day. We need a divine impartation of the mind of God at certain junctures in our lives. Sometimes it’s harder to see clearly than others. It is in those moments, that honesty with God, will catapult you to new levels in him. So, today God, I pray that you can give me the faith to trust what you say. I am weak, but with your Spirit in me, the failures of my flesh can be wiped out because you, God, never fail.

Be blessed today blogosphere!

Monday Morning Commentary

Today I am going to post my “Monday Morning Commentary”. Sure, it’s Tuesday, but the whole spirit of the “Monday Morning Commentary” is that of an armchair quarterback. It doesn’t really matter when you rehash the plays and tout the victories, as long as its done before the next big game. At the Bridge Church, we are in the middle of, and nearing the end, of our 2012 kickoff series “Defining Moments”. Since most of us spend at least one moment contemplating the end of one year and the beginning of the next, what better time for the church to help us outline a plan for our year? We want 2012 to include defining moments that we can look back on and know that our lives were forever altered in those moments. In the Bible we find many defining moments, most of which ended with altars to God being erected as monuments to the greatness of our God.

The Bridge Church is still in it’s infancy. In fact, we don’t celebrate our 1st birthday until Sunday, May 20, 2012,  but we have had many defining moments already. One thing that I want to start on my blog is a testimonial section. God has done so many things in and through people associated with and connected to the Bridge Church that it would be a shame not to shout it from my blog. We have seen healings, job miracles, financial miracles, and many salvation stories. Too often it is easy to let these moments slip by without identifying them as the defining moment that they are because we get too busy, or we chalk things up to coincidence, or we convince ourselves that we are so good and so spiritual and so full of awesome works that we deserve the miraculous. We feel that God owes us something big because we show up on Sunday mornings. We don’t want that to ever be said of the Bridge Church. We are a church that honors God and honors people and that means we celebrate the miraculous moments. We celebrate the moments that may seem like coincidences to others, but that we know to be God. I think 21st century Americans are so stinking spoiled by all the material goods and information up for immediate grabs at our fingertips that we need God to always move in the “thunder” and in the “lightening”. We have forgotten how to hear that still small voice. My personal stamp on the “Defining Moments” series is to learn to recognize when God is bringing you a defining moment. Don’t let it be drown in the noise of selfishness, pride, busyness, or covetousness. Recognize when God moves.

The major themes of our series have been defining connections and defining transitions. This past Sunday we discussed “A Defining Attitude”. In an era where a bad, in your face attitude is touted as some sort of badge of honor, we, as people of God, need to give a lot of thought as to the attitude that we put on everyday. I hear a lot more “Talk to the face, not the hand” than I do “I’m sorry’s”. This sermon really spoke to me. Pastor chose two passages of scripture. One was found in the book of Daniel where we find that Daniel’s excellent attitude led to him getting promoted in the kingdom. What we fail to realize a lot of times is that Daniel lived in Babylon because his people were held captive. Even in the face of slavery and captivity, his work ethic and attitude separated him from everyone else. He then chose  Psalm 40:9-10 for us to learn from David. David was a psalmist and if you have ever met any true and really good musicians and song writers, you will know that they generally are weird. True musicians, not people that just chord and sing nice, but people like Taylor Swift that write great ballads resulting from break ups and failed relationships, generally glean their work from a place of pain and oftentimes depression. David probably struggled a lot with his attitude for numerous reasons. He was the overlooked younger brother sent to the hillside to watch sheep while his better looking, stronger, older brothers were favored. David leaves for us some great words in Psalms to help us “sing” our way out of a bad attitude.

Psalm 40:9-10

New International Version (NIV)
9 I proclaim your saving acts in the great assembly;
I do not seal my lips, LORD,
as you know.
10 I do not hide your righteousness in my heart;
I speak of your faithfulness and your saving help.
I do not conceal your love and your faithfulness
from the great assembly.

The best way to be identified as someone with an “Excellent Spirit” would be to determine today that the defining attitude you want for your life is an attitude worthy of someone who has been redeemed. Actions do speak louder than words, but I guarantee you that if your words are words of praise and proclamation to Jesus, your actions will catch up to your words. Do as David said and proclaim the saving power of God. Don’t seal your mouth when good things happen. Don’t hide the goodness, righteousness, and faithfulness of God in your heart. Stop carrying a concealed weapon. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us which is the greatest tool in Spiritual warfare. Don’t conceal that weapon. Don’t hide his love and faithfulness. Proclaim them. Nothing will set your day up better for success than focusing on the goodness of God.

Too often we settle for boring lives and boring Christianity. Why would anyone want to become a Christian when they see Christians with bad attitudes? Live your life out. Live a good attitude. Live bold. Live audacious, not boring.

My favorite analogy Pastor used was the analogy of cappuccino versus lattes. Too many Christians are cappucino’s. They are a lot of foam and very little substance. They are asking people to pay a high price for what they have (deny yourself, take up your cross, follow Christ), but offering little in return. The Bridge Church, on the other hand, wants to be a latte. A latte still has espresso and froth, but there is a lot of substance to the cup.

So, my defining conclusion to the sermon this past Sunday is this:

Let your attitude be shaped by the faithfulness of God, not by the daily grind”.- Me. My original quote.

When I wake up, I’m not going to immediately hone in on all the things going wrong and all of the lists that need completed, but first I am going to speak of His faithfulness and saving help. The goal is not to ignore your circumstances and be oblivious to the problems in your life, but to learn how to let your attitude be shaped by the promises of God. This life is just the waiting room for the auditorium of eternity. Keep it in perspective.

In keeping with the Spirit of the “Armchair” Quarterback, I have to say that our Pastor has been throwing quite well.

The Bridge Church Grand Opening Commentary

I sit down this Monday morning to write a brief commentary on the events of this past weekend and to be honest with you I’m overwhelmed with emotion. This past weekend, May 13-May 15, 2011 marked the birth of something that I believe is going to have a global impact. The Grand Opening service of the Bridge Church in North Olmsted, Ohio was held yesterday May 15, 2011 with 80 in attendance, around 40 of which were first time guests. The other 40 were made up of people that have visited once or twice before and people that got on board with the Bridge during the team building phase. The Bridge Church is now an official force to be reckoned with and we have a huge vision. Our vision does not stop with reaching the western suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, but with reaching the entire metro area and having our local assembly also aid in the global cause of Christ through missions and outreach.

Our team building phase started in September 2010 with our Foundations classes where we graduated the first 16 official members of the Bridge Church. Phase two of team building was from November 2010 to May 8, 2011 where we held “practice” or some would say “preview” services to build our base, start our BridgeKidz ministry, and develop a functioning, quality Worship Band.

Friday night, (Friday the 13th), started our weekend with a bang. We did a “Gas buy down/full service fill up”. With everyone feeling the pain at the pump, we decided to go completely nontraditional with our outreach. Much of what we do at the Bridge definitely doesn’t follow any preprinted play book with the exception of the Bible, so why go the traditional route with outreach? One of our main goals, visions, and missions is to serve our community. We want to be a church of influence in our community. We want people to recognize our name, cause, and vision so that they know where to go when they are looking for a true experience with God. We are on a quest to be an “early church” church. The early church didn’t “play” church, they were the church. They went from house to house and to the marketplace and to where the people were at far more than they met in the temple. So, on May 13th, we partnered with a local gas station to pay $.10 a gallon for everyone, giving them a discount on gas, pump their gas for them, wash their windows, and aid them in any other services that they desired. Pastor and I worked countless hours setting up this event and this entire weekend and it paid off. After sending out 22 press releases to every radio and television station and local newspaper, based on an additional news tip from that night, Fox 8 News Cleveland came and featured our event on the 10 PM Friday night news. In fact, we were one of the teaser/headline stories. We have several other high profile MAD ministries (Making a Difference) events coming up including the Relay for Life where Pastor Jonathan will be sharing a sermon with the crowd that’s there to support stamping out cancer. Only God can get credit for setting the stage for the Bridge Church like he has. We are now poised to really put ourselves out in the community, serve this area, and lead people to a fulfilling relationship with God.

Pastor Jonathan has had a vision for over 10 years to plant churches in a metro area and a bulk of those years Cleveland was the target God put on his heart. The Cleveland Metro Area is very different from other parts of Ohio. It has a rich cultural and ethnic heritage that many mid-western cities do not have. Cleveland is also not at all like the heartland when it comes to religion. A majority of the Cleveland metro area is far from God or has never known God. It is definitely not a Bible belt place. There are over 48 different languages regularly spoken in the Cleveland area and our suburb of Cleveland, North Olmsted, is home to the largest Muslim population in Ohio. All of these factors combined make up the reasons why we absolutely love it here. Cleveland has historically gotten a bad rap, and rightfully so. The politics here are corrupt, the mob ties are huge, the job market is in constant turmoil, and the winters are long and brutal. Even with all of those factors working against it, the Cleveland metro area is home to 2.9 million resilient, culturally diverse, home team loving people that all need to know God. The Bridge Church, for lack of better phrasing, wants to make Jesus famous throughout the region and be a location where people can find life in Christ. The religious traditions that exist here are dying. The old, enormous church edifices that bear the cross and house the steeples are boarded up and lifeless. The Catholic Church is closing locations on an almost weekly basis and the light of religion grows dimmer. The Bridge Church is opening at the perfect time for the light of true relationship with Christ and true life change with Jesus to be made available to those who are spiritually hungry. The Bridge Church is a place for those that want to make a difference in their neighborhoods, communities, suburbs, city, region, state, country, and world. We will not have church, we will be the church.

God gave us a glimpse of what can and will be yesterday. There was an excitement and expectancy in the air. Our connect team was showing the community that we really are the friendly, all inclusive church they are looking for. Our BridgeKidz ministry ministered to a wide range of children in an engaging way. Our worship band was on their “go”. The presence of God was strong and Pastor Jonathan delivered a relevant, engaging sermon. Our service ended with a rendition of “You’ve stolen my heart” by Leeland and you could feel God doing what only He can do in that room.

Our season of team building, our season of fasting and prayer, our season of hard, focused work, and our season of wondering how in the world all of this was going to happen brought us one step closer to our destiny. We look forward to continued, methodical, sustained growth both of the number of people that attend the Bridge Church and of the individual relationships with God that people in our church have. We have a lot of ground left to still cover to see the vision that God has for our church. Please pray that God gives us a semi-permanent (lease) location or a permanent location and that God sends us strong leaders that desire to serve in ministry. We have many ministries that we would like to launch at the Bridge Church that just need the vision, manpower, and passion of a leader. We are still in extreme infancy and that makes us delicate. We need to continually nurture and care for this gift that God has given us and feed it correctly so that one day it can birth more churches from its womb.

Congratulations Bridge Church. You are 1 day old. The best is yet to come.

Mother’s Day Commentary 2011

(My mom and my 2 sons)

This past weekend was a big weekend for so many people. May 8, 2011 marked the day that we all celebrated our mothers, celebrated being a mom, and essentially gave lip service to the fact that none of us would be here without the womb of a woman. Not all moms are created equal. There are single moms, married moms, step moms, adoptive moms, young moms, old moms, widowed moms, and divorced moms. There are skinny moms and not so skinny moms. There are attractive moms and not so attractive moms. Regardless of which category that mom falls in, the fact remains, she is perfection to her family. Proverbs 31:28 “Her children rise and call her blessed.” Even if your children are too young to speak and verbalize their appreciation of mom, it’s those little actions that speak louder than words.

The Bridge Church celebrated moms this weekend with a message I gave “Will the real mom please stand up?” In this message we discovered 3 things.

1) There is no such thing as a perfect mom
2) God has answers for a mother’s problems
3) There is nothing like a mother’s love

God has equipped and empowered women in their femininity and characteristics to live out a sincere faith that will have a ripple effect for generations. You, mom, have the ability to influence countless generations and God has an amazing journey outlined for you. If you have an active, visible connection between your beliefs and your everyday living, you will keep the flame of the gift of God stirred in you and nurtured. It is time for women to understand that a spirit of timidity is not what God has called us to. Too often we have misappropriated the scriptural requirement for submission to authority and our husbands and have used it as an excuse to be a wall flower.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.”

It is not piety before God to let your emotions dictate your life and destiny. It is not piety before God to sit without action and let your role as mother and wife sideline you from the work of the ministry. God has given mothers that spirit of love and sacrifice so that you can use it in his kingdom to fulfill your calling and destiny. Churches need nurturers. Churches need people marked by sacrifice. Churches need servant’s hearts. Churches need teachers. Churches need mothers. All good mothers have these characteristics. The church as the bride of Christ is essentially the mother of the people on this earth. It is time we recognize the power that we have in our femininity and in our role of mother to fill roles in the Kingdom of God.

Your life can be marked by explosive, influential power and by a disciplined mind that is not deceived by the temporal circumstances of life. What God is accomplishing in us, he wants to see passed on through us. The power of your legacy potential is exponential.

At the Bridge Church we embrace all kinds of moms. Single, divorced, widowed, step moms and anything else you can name. We are not a church of June Cleavers, but a church marked by a passion to change our world.

2 Timothy 1:5 “ I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuade, now lives in you also.

Re:Learn Commentary

Recently we (The Bridge Church) just finished up a sermon series called “ReLearn: Lessons from the Early Church”. This series was taken mainly from the book of Acts and was designed to help us refocus on the true characteristics of the church, (the church being God’s church not a flavor of religion or style), and try to start incorporating those characteristics into the vision, DNA, and mission of not only the Bridge Church, but into the life of each and every believer. I learned so much from this series. It is not that any one topic was so revolutionary or fresh or new, it was that we were taking old principles and discovering that the goal of the church isn’t really to be fresh, cool, trendy, or contemporary, but to literally relearn how to organize, function, and operate as Christians. Obviously you need to be fresh, cool, and contemporary because Christ called us to be all things to all men and our focus is to reach those far from God or who have never known God, but being trendy isn’t the main focus.

This past Sunday pastor talked about the “All Inclusive God” and how if Peter would’ve had his way (Peter representing the religious and the elite), the conversion of Cornelius would never have happened and the hunger and passion that burned inside Cornelius would never have been realized. How many times have we disregarded someone who was passionate about God and hungry for God because they didn’t measure up to the standards or beliefs or sacred cows that we hold so dear to? There is nothing unclean if God calls it clean. He is for people, so you better be about your Father’s business, the people business. The Bridge church will be all inclusive. It doesn’t matter what your race, ethnicity, financial status, educational status, religious background, or career choice is, there is a place for you. As we enter into our Grand Opening season, the ReLearn Series was an important compass with which to get direction from. We will not turn the world upside down if we don’t relearn how to be a Christian.

Christianity isn’t about a building. So many people are locked into the thinking that church is a building. This makes me absolutely crazy! I know that I can get a witness from all church planters out there who are nomads meeting in high school gyms, masonic halls, golf courses, country clubs, libraries, homes, and pretty much any place that is the right price and also has indoor plumbing. We do have some standards: toilets (nonnegotiable)  although, we do know the early church wouldn’t have even cared about that. When are we going to get out of our comfort zones? I read a statistic that 33% of the world currently calls itself Christian and that in 1900 33% of the world called itself Christian. Why aren’t those numbers growing? Where is the fervor that says, “I want to be one of those that turns the world upside down”?

We need to learn to not just live on the emotion of passion where we only act on the great commission and we only sacrifice like the early church when we’re pumped and primed and feel like it, but we need to find the passion that fuels us in the down times and in the apathetic times and in the times where we really just don’t care anymore. We need the same passion that Christ had. He didn’t want to drink the bitter cup of death. He fought it. He prayed about it. He sweated drops of blood over it. However, He did it. He took on our sin and endured the cross. We need to cry out for that same passion. We need the passion of Paul, the passion of Timothy, and the spunk of Peter. You need to ReLearn how to do church and how to be a Christian.

I am thankful for a Pastor that is willing to do a 2 month sermon series on the Early Church. The multiplication of the gospel will only happen when we quit being satisfied adding slowly to our church and expecting people to come to us. I want an Early Church church. I want a church that is added to daily, that gives generously, and that loves unconditionally. Do we have a ways to go? Sure we do. We technically haven’t even had our grand opening yet, however, what happens during the gestational period is what determines the health of a birth. If we can grasp the concepts we’ve been taught and the passion and vision that Pastor is unveiling, the birth of the Bridge church and the future growth of the Bridge Church will be supernatural. Let’s be devoted to fellowship, to prayer, to unity, to outreach, and to rejoicing. Acts 2:47 “The Lord added to their numbers daily those who were being saved.”