Excellence for God

Today I have been sitting here thinking how incredible that it is that God has chosen my family and me for such a great calling and purpose. I have a wonderful husband and two fabulous sons, all given to me by God. We all have choices to make in life, and while there are several choices that seem inconsequential, each choice builds on another to make a lasting impact on your life. If I choose to eat Chinese food today instead of Mexican food, it may not make a huge impact on my spiritual status, but then again it could. God spends time communicating to each of us about our daily decisions, whether they be small or great and we need to be willing to listen. The latte that you are craving from Starbucks could be of spiritual consequence if God is in it. If you are using your daily routine and activies to minister to those in your local community, you could be purchasing your latte on the very day that the barista is looking for an answer from God. What if we prayed for every choice that we made in life even if it seemed insane?

I have a friend who plants and grows a garden. I asked her how she got such fresh vegetables when her planting grounds are not that great. She said that she prays and God leads her on how to water those vegetables and how to grow them. I begin to think about this and how it sounds so crazy in todays day and age. If God walked in the Garden of Eden and spoke to Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening, how much more can we as spirit filled Christians benefit from the guiding hand of God?

Today, make a choice for excellence. Refuse to settle for the status quo and reach forward into realms that you have never been in. If you play an instrument, don’t settle on “making a joyful noise for the Lord” and think that it doesn’t matter how you sound on your instrument. That scripture is referring to giving the Lord a shout of triumph in your life and serving the Lord with gladness. When it comes to playing and singing for the Lord, follow Psalm 33:3 (NKJV) “Sing to Him a new song;Play skillfully with a shout of joy.” It is amazing to me how many churches that I have visited in my life that lack joy, skill, and a new song. This is scriptural proof that we need to be relevant to our culture. While there is great blessing in the hymns of old, God desires a new song and a fresh anointing to inspire his people. Practice your instrument if you play one, hone your ministerial skills (whatever they may be), and most of all, put a smile on your face.

While I am living on the road I refuse to become stagnant, but have decided to take my calling and burden for Cleveland across the USA to every church and town we visit. If God desires to build a 21st century revival church in Cleveland through us, he can certainly use us at other churches to bring that spirit as well.

Col 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.


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