Traveling Sewer or 5th wheel carrying minister?

I was inspired today not only by spiritual things, but also by the hilarity of 5th wheel living with 2 grown adults and 2 small children, both of whom are still in diapers to some degree. Of course the aspect of potty training that my 3 year old has grasped involves pee and not the more smelly thing that our bodies produce. Between the black water build up (for those non campers that is the nice way of putting smelly sewage) and the diapers piled in the small trash can, our 5th wheel takes on quite a flavorful atmosphere. I know that most missionary and evangelist wives are way more “couth” than I am. I figured that one of my duties on the road is to expose the truth behind being a nomadic mother, dirt, silliness and all. Since we moved into our 5th wheel, the boys share the bunk room. Gentry is on the bottom bunk and Reese is on the top. At any given moment in the middle of the night we can hear the shrieks of terror coming from Gentry and run into the room to find that reese has crawled into bed with him and thinks it is funny to lay on him. Reese will then look at us with his innocent big blue eyes and say “Mommy he needs you, he’s crying”. All of these moments will bring me many years of laughter and great stories, but are definitely teaching me patience at this point in life.

As a self declared obsessive compulsive, 5th wheel living has definitely taught me that clutter and crumbs are not the end of the world, Smelling raw sewage while laying in bed on a clear summers night doesn’t have to hinder romance, and spending hundreds of dollars in disel fuel doesn’t have to kill faith.


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