New England Rain

Today ended several days of hard, uninterrupted rain in Connecticut. The sun is shining and there is little to no humidty in the air. This is a great victory. Sleeping in a 5th wheel with rain gushing down is difficult because it feels and sounds as if you have a tin roof. The family is doing well, and hopefully Gentry is through with his bought of intestinal illness. Who needs a pet when you have a 7 month old doing their duty on your carpet?

Yesterday we went to the Buckland mall. There is a section of Manchester Connecticut called the Buckland Hills. It intersects Buckland street. Unfortunantly, no stores would give us free goodies because of our last name.

I want to leave you with a thought today of encouragement. The Bible says In their affliction they will seek Me early.”— Hosea 5:15 Another passage of the Bible says to seek the Lord early. Oftentimes we have been led to believe that god wants us to wake up at the crack of dawn and have a prayer session. While this may be true in some cases, mothers of small children understand that the mornings are filled with hectic times of feeding, dressing, wiping up milk, and referring scuffles. All God desires of us is to seek him early in our times of trouble and early in every situation. Call on the Lord while he may be found. Ask God to provide your every need, even before you have it.


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