The role of a Parent

With all of the recent press on Sarah Palin, the republican Vice Presidential Candidate for office, it has come to the attention of the media and the American public to judge the parenting skills and marriage of this Alaskan Governor. With 5 children ranging in age from around 20 to newborn, obviously the Palin’s have a lot on their plate. Those of us with children understand that you can’t control every decision and choice that your children make. My oldest is 3 years old and already, for quite some time, he has asserted his own free will and ability to make decisions and choices. Even with consistent discipline and daily prayer, Reese has to make the correct choices for himself. Believe me if I had the power to choose between loud, rambunctious behavior and quite obedience, I would choose the latter. However, no parent has that option. Not even God, our heavenly father made us to be robots in response to His will and desires. Governor Palin has been facing scrutiny over her down syndrome infant and her pregnant, unwed daughter. My question is why are we focusing so strongly on her family issues when I am sure that hundreds of male presidential candidates and politicians have children that have made incorrect decisions? I’m assuming that the American people aren’t as ready for a female executive as they think they are. Although, a female perspective is probably what this country needs.

The role of a parent is to lead, guide, instruct, love, rebuke, accept, and pray for your children. Whether the parent is a mother or a father, the role is huge and is the most important role that a human being can fill if they choose to have children. Just like the Bible speaks of nothing gained if you have the whole world and lose your own soul, a life well lived only truly matters if your own children are prepared for heaven. In spite of this major life truth, there comes a time when every person chooses their own way and you can’t force someone to make the correct choice.

Parents, recognize the importance of time spent together as a family and understand that it doesn’t matter if you are the father or the mother. No one role is more important than the other. A child ideally needs both parents to experience the full understanding of who God is in their life. The Bible says that God created man in his own image and in His image he created male and female. Both males and females display the attributes of God and children need to see that as well.

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