Here is just a quick update on our life. we are currently still in Illinois. We have had a great time here and have seen God move wonderfully in our services. We have mainly been basing out of the St. Louis, MO area on the Illinois side. We have, however, been able to be in northern Illinois some and enjoyed a day of sight seeing in Chicago while in the area ministering. Gentry is now saying “uh oh” and continuing to work on his Gerber modeling career. Reese is still rambunctious and feisty and an instant celebrity everywhere that we go. After Illinois, we head to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Although we have seen snow flurries already, we are hoping to get down south before our sewage tank freezes. I have heard this is not a fun experience=) I’m not sure if it would be good for our marriage for Jonathan to be chipping away at my sewage with an ice pick. haha.
I have to drop a quick note on politics. First of all, I was glad the election was over because I was sick of hearing about it. secondly, why in the world are we already discussing 2012?! I can’t handle 4 more years of straight campaigning. When did being president become the same as winning an Oscar and being a celebrity? Where is the respect and solemnity for the highest seat of government in the world? While downtown Chicago I didn’t know if I was in Stalin’s Russia or the USA. There were literal monuments, signs, plaques, and billboards of Obama down there that are literally reminiscent of communist Eastern Europe. I’m not kidding, I’ve been there and I’ve seen it both in Europe and here in the USA. I’m not knocking Obama with the statement or endorsing him either. He’s my president elect, therefore I respect and pray for him. The same is true of the Republican side too as well anyway. i saw a photo of Sarah Palin in a bikini in a newspaper today at the Republican governors meeting. Knock it off Obama and Palin. You are vying for respectable and high places of authority, not for the winner of the teen choice awards.
I’m off my soap box now. Love and Kisses!

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