Recently I watched a documentary that I feel every Christian should watch. Although not a religious documentary or movie, Ben Stein’s “Expelled” is a very poignant look into the atheistic society that is trying to be created in our country and world. The movie explores the issue of evolution versus intelligent design and shows the systematic way in which science has suppressed any opinions other than the opinion of evolution. Darwin’s theory has so many holes in that can be filled with intelligent design, but scientists are refusing any discussion of this.

One of the most interesting interviews on the documentary was with a man who wrote a book called “The God Delusion”. His book uses supposed scientific fact to prove that anyone who is religious or believes in God is delusional and insane. I had a major “go God” moment when I looked this book up on wikipedia. This book increased amazon.Com’s sale of religious books by 50% and increased sales of the bible by 120%! God will not be stopped. Our freedoms are being suppressed and it is time that we get our head out of the sand and fight for our cause as much as they are fighting for theirs. The theory of evolution if embraced fully will never stop future Hitler’s and Stalins. If in fact natural selection is the way of the universe, nothing is stopping abortion and euthanasia. In fact, planned parent, the biggest proponent of abortion, was birthed out of the theory of evolution. This blew my mind!! Planned parenthood is one of the biggest political machines and agendas behind feminism and the liberals. This movie will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and start proclaiming Christ. What we have is truth and truth will endure!


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