Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving this week. I pray that everyone has family and friends to share this holiday with. Let us never forget the religious roots of this holiday and remember to give thanks. God rarely, explicitly tells us in his word anything mystical about his plan for our lives. One of the only times that God speaks clearly about a path for every individual is when he mandates for us to give thanks in EVERYTHING. I know that I have nothing to complain about this year and only many blessings to give to God and to my friends and family that have been so faithful in prayer, financial, and emotional support.

We will be spending thanksgiving with Josh and Jessica Froese in Belleville, Illinois. Jessica grew up in Marietta and is the daughter of Dave and Karen (Schaad) Dayton. Many of you know her. Reese, Gentry, and I are going to leave Friday to go to Cleveland to be with my mom Dec. 1 for her major milestone 60th birthday. We are excited to be with her and celebrate this day. We’ll be back with the wonderful hubby by Wednesday, December 3rd to meet him on our trek again.

God bless and eat lots! At this point I have ballooned so much that I have no pride left. I will happily indulge in gluttony a little more this week. Love you all!

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