The Boys

Just a quick update on the family. I want the world to know that Reese Bentley Buckland is finally potty trained! Yeah….He has been wearing big boy undies for almost two weeks now and hasn’t had an accident in almost a week. He is even dry at night. This was a long time coming. Now I know how God feels when he is working on us about the same mistakes over and over again. He gives us spiritual stickers and reward blessings and yet we keep having accidents. I know that in my spiritual life I want to give God, my father, a reason to celebrate and not be frustrated everyday. If I feel this great and proud about Reese and the potty, imagine how God feels when we overcome addictions, fears, and failures.

Gentry turned 1 on December 11 and is as precious as ever. The boys are best friends and love on each other and play together all the time. I’m so thankful for my boys.

Thanks to everyone that has followed my blog this year and supported me financially, spiritually, and emotionally. I pledge in 2009 to try to be more consistent with my blog. This time of year has just been crazy, hectic.

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