New Years Capabilities

I am sitting here today reflecting on 2008 with a mixture of emotions. What a crazy ride it has been! We have successfully bought and sold our first home, bought and wish to sell our first 5th wheel, bought and are hoping to eventually discard our first Ford F-350 Quad Cab Dually, resigned our first pastorate and led the pastoral search for their new pastor, and are hoping to successfully plant our first church from the ground up. 2009 will hopefully not compare to 2008 in the whirlwind of life. Our boys have grown in wisdom, favor, and stature and Jonathan and I as people have exploded in knowledge and growth. (Thus the weight loss resolution. Just kidding! Not the type of growth I’m referring to). God has been so good to us. We have been through numerous tests and trials of our faith and I think have come out proven as gold in the fire. We have endured not just attacks from the enemy, but many rounds of friendly fire from well meaning and not so well meaning people. We have endured scrutiny that ranges from justified to absurd and yet, we stand stronger, taller, prouder, and more convinced than ever of the task that God has called us to do. We have also been the recipients of endless friendship, brotherly love, charity, and Godly armor bearers. For this, I am humbled.

My life the last several years has been abundantly blessed, but not easy. My reflections of 2008 have proven to me that money, possessions, and worldly materials have no hold on me. While I am grateful of this, I really didn’t want to have to prove that point! I would consider myself an overcomer, trail blazer, comforter, and friend in 2008. These characteristics have defined me this year.

Trying to come up with a list of New Years resolutions, I have pondered things that are status quo and will fall off my list in no time. The obligatory resolution to eat less, exercise more, and achieve Goddess like health and good looks is, as always, at the top of my list. My resolution to be a patient, Godly, loving mother and wife is and always will remain my passion. Above all though, I desire 2009 to be a year of authentic Christianity. This term has become popular recently and I don’t wish to be cliche, but I’m tired of fake people going through rituals and routines. It is time for me to be authentic. I will be who I am in Christ unabashedly without shame, regret, or glances over my shoulder. Gone are the days where a tiny part of my soul desires to please people. Popularity is a fleeting thing, but authentic, real, divine impartation is forever.

Did you know that the term resolution means level of clarity, detail of image, as well as the subsiding or termination of an abnormal condition? We always think of it in terms of a formal declaration and statement at the beginning of a new year, but don’t really resonate with the term that we find in daily life. How many times have a seen the word resolution on my digital camera and not even thought of it? This year, I want my resolutions to have clarity and detail. I want my resolutions to end any abnormal conditions in my heart and life with the light of the word of God. My prayer is that I can see myself for who I am and become who I should be in Christ. I want to be divinely and truly His.

One thought on “New Years Capabilities”

  1. Christianity without reservation is my desire also. The old song says…”to be like Jesus..on earth I long to be like Him…I only ask to be like Him.” We live in troubled times and it only makes the light of truth shine more brightly. God bless you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!Aunt Monica

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